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The best part is after they switch the groups up.

The women on the female island continued to bitch and sunbathe.

The three women who were sent to the men’s island also continued to sunbathe.


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Men can literally do everything better than women, all except get pregnant & give birth - and that's only because men can't get pregnant.


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That's not true. In days of old, women were actually really good at agriculture and preserving food, making clothes, tanning hides, etc. Even up to the 1950s, country women would tend the gardens, chickens, and make preserves while the men tended the cattle and crops. Women's roles were to stay behind and make sure the homestead was running well and allow the men to hunt and protect. This also assured that if something bad happened during hunting, the women would survive with the children and the tribe (not just native americans) would continue. It was a really good system for thousands of years. Then femimists came along and fucked everything up. Now young men are made to feel unworthy and unneeded and women are made to feel like they can do anything a man can do... then women fail at jobs that are male-centric and everyone, male and female, are miserable and unhappy....except our gov't. The real fact is - it takes both men and women working together to raise a family and keep the tribe going.

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The only thing females are good for is squirting out kids.