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invidious seems to be broken at the moment

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It's temperamental. This video worked for me, but others haven't.

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have some real mirrors not hosted on the same site that the greentext says censored them before:

part 1: https://my.mixtape.moe/xezugx.mp4

part 2: https://my.mixtape.moe/edaevs.mp4

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i wonder if theres a version where the men from this same experiment are cut in

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That link isn't working for me

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Replace everything before /watch with hooktube.com. Worked for me.

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This is why they haven't already left the supposed oppressive patriarchy and started their own civilization.

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The women are badly dehydrated. Their only drinking water was from the tarpaulin roof of a "hut".

They scavenged bottles, put them out to collect rainwater, but then the tide washed their bottles away.

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The best part is after they switch the groups up.

The women on the female island continued to bitch and sunbathe.

The three women who were sent to the men’s island also continued to sunbathe.

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Men can literally do everything better than women, all except get pregnant & give birth - and that's only because men can't get pregnant.

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That was fucking hilarious. Is there a part 3?

Everytime I hear that women aren't overly emotional or know how to navigate/give follow directions, im going to show them this. Lost for three days on a small island, going in circles and crying the whole time, I can't stop laughing. I'm going to watch it again.

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They had to stop because the women were literally going to die.

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Our current society: These women voting = imminent total disaster.

Future society: Women not voting

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The better greentext is the one that describes how they decided to swap a man and a woman onto each others islands and at first the guy was all happy because he'd be surrounded with women but then he showed up and found the women hadnt done jack shit and were sleeping on the bare ground with no shelter or anything

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That was an episode of Survivor where they tried the same thing. Needless to say they never did that again.

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That’s in the Dutch version “Expeditie Robinson”.

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Holy fuck this is the best comedy I've seen on TV in years.

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