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I thought I was prepared. I should know better by now.

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MLP guy, eyes start to bleed and now this - blind.

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LoL yeah, the MLP post motivated my to string this together.

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Hey, it's not nice to make fun of @freshmeat like that.

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Dont fucking ping me you jew faggot

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Whatcha gonna do about it? Nothin, bitchuuhtrick.

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Only the worst people do shit like this. Here have a virtual tour of my place, i like to think im somewhat normal.

Living rooom



Normal person toilet

The sleeper

And the worst one, my spare

For your viewing pleasure

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Close the lid on your toilet. It keeps stuff from falling in, and...it makes women have to raise it to go. Then you can yell at them for leaving the lid up. It also keeps most pets from using it as a water bowl.

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i opened it up to take a picture actually haha

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Are you me?

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Get a wastebin in your bathroom with a lid. It’s more lady friendly, and I see pink razor, so someone will be thankful.

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Very normal. Clean, unadorned walls are a sure sign of a sociopath. Take down the knife art, or put it in the kitchen/spare. Go to a art show and ask cute female artist to help your lack of style...possibly get poutine too.

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Dude has pink shavers in his toilet waste basket ... hmmm

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What bothers me most, is that none of it bothered me. Also, nice gun collection.

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I didn't know Doug Stanhope posts on /k/

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Why were his feet the grossest thing to me?

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Because the fungus is causing him to literally fall apart.

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