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Congratualtions OP. I just stared at the computer screen with a confused look for 10 minutes while reading that.

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My pleasure good sir

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I just died a little inside.

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That was a wild fucking ride, start to finish, and I'm not even sure where it started or finished.

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Our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought in two World Wars. Now look at what we've become. I can imagine the conversation in the trenches today.

"Hey Bro 1, you got a pic of your girl back home" "I do Bro 2" "Let's see it Bro 1" -Bro 1 pulls out picture and gives it to Bro 2. "Ummmm I think this is the wrong pic Bro 1, this is a horse cartoon." "Nah man, those ponies are all my hunies"

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What happened to our race?

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This is what it looks like to be raised by a single mother who thinks turning on the electric Jewbox is a substitute for parenting.

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(((nothing))), don't worry about it. It's just progress.

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I don't see the problem here. That's a beautiful work of art. Why wouldn't he hang it on his wall?

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laughter is the best medicine, and i just got two to three more decades of life

thank you.

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