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This does make me mad but not because of mollie, because it could have been one of our kids, one of our sisters or moms, and it could have been avoided just by enforcing laws we already have at the border.

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Her mind was under 24-7 assault by mainstream media brainwashing no wonder she thought like that.. Rest In Peace confused little girl.. don't let this happen to your own

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she was also a (((college))) student. Also, the quote was a response to people voting a way she didn't like; it would be like a german saying "i hate germans" after they elected merkel for the 20th time. It doesn't mean that you want germans to die out or something, just that you disapprove of something they did and then you exaggerate your feelings on social media, like a young woman would do.

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I think its never good to laud someone's death in this case. It just empowers the "diversification" crowd even more. The people who are open to "diversification" to such an extent where it endangers them should be given anti-diversity counseling sessions.

They should be informed of the dangers and have mock situations where they are confronted with them. That will contend with the issue to be honest. Those who don't want to conform should be sent to some foreign country, although in the future when America is only white, or mostly white, there will be no need to contend with people who want "diversity."

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It "empowers" them? How?

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It empowers them because its like saying well even though the left is degenerate they deserve to be sent the way of ISIS. That is not the way to administrate justice and would put us in a very difficult situation.

You would be surprised how all these different factions that are "for" for each other would end up infighting if they got together. Its truly uncanny.

We don't need to foment infighting or play games like that, but rather turn them against themselves and follow a course of logic that parses and undermines or using their errors and ideals against them.

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If your political beliefs coincide with those of a teenage girl's you are emotionally retarded.

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I would feel bad, but I didn't know her and her own friends are unpersoning her to maintain support for the diversity, so lol hope her final minutes were blind fear and agony, hopefully her brutal and lonely death open some parents eyes so they don't let their kids become this dumb.

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So in the end, we can deduce that leftists are pieces of shit.

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Yep, the good news is they have to continually cannibalize their own to maintain their point of view so hopefully that plus the general movement away from them will be a death knell.

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made my day lmao

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Good riddance! Another brainless socialist won’t be voting anymore. Never mind She’s Democrat they vote beyond the grave.

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I feel a deep dark warmth :)

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