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i see exactly one jew was in here to downvote every comment. i bitter and silent downvote is the true sign of a superior being.

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Wait did Nazbols take over /pol/ or is this just a Boomer post?

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Basically half of posts are shitposts, shillposts, or just striaght up interracial porn posts. Mods remove the porn, but it still stays up long enough to mess up the place.

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A single turd can be flushed easily. 6 turds will log a toilet. Thats how they do it....

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VOAT has convinced me of the superiority of the JEW. We should let them be in charge of everything. Since they are 1.2% of the US population and running most things already we should import more.

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Being more organized doesn't mean superior.

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Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups