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The Power of Kek!

Praise Kek!

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Praise him!

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Kek is indeed mighty. I'm in awe...

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im lost...

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On the chans "Rollin" is a game where some Anon makes some stupid claim and other Anons "roll" to see what they get. Every post has a post number and that number determines the "Roll". That would be the last bit of text on the first line of the post that follows the "No."

Ex: No. 1835000 (as in this post)

The roll was for how many days left NoName had left to live (last two digits) but Anon not only got "00" which was the corect amount of time he also got "trips" while doing so (000), which is revered in Chan culture. Clear now?

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ok... i dont understand this world anymore

yeah i got it. i had seen this roll stuff before but never knew what they were talking about. knew it had something to do with the post numbers and all but bout as far as i cared to take it

Ta! thanks