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4) They know that women are dangerous but they apply an extreme solution to that, which is very dezhumanizing and counterproductive.

This is something most men don't ever find a balance between. Either they are too weak and get walked all over or they go extremely rough and suppress their women too much. Desire cannot be suppressed, only redirected.

Look at dogs. They bite. They chase. They sniff. If it were up to the dog, they'd bite mailmen, chase cars, and sniff butts. You could get angry and beat it out of them, or do the work of chaining them up, but that's only a temporary or circumstantial solution, just like making women wear burkas. Instead, guiding those desires into something for your own benefit is the pinnacle of leadership and masculinity. Get the dog to bite toys on command and you can have yourself a guard dog in no time. Get the dog to chase balls and they'll run wherever you tell them. Get the dog to sniff drugs or people and you've got yourself a hard working, loyal, and useful dog. Women work the same way. The feminine is not something to be suppressed, just guided.


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Underrated comment


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Thanks mate. It is an equally unjust thing for femininity to be suppressed, just like masculinity. Fuck equality, nobody likes equality.