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the only problem i see in this is that the muslim world has their women covered up completely and theyre not exactly striving for intellectualism, spirituality perhaps, but theyre still a cancer thats done nothing positive for the world

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Because: 1) Their marriage system is ineffective and produce A LOT of frustration on both sexes (polygamous marriages) 2) Their religion isn't a healthy religion but a fanatical one 3) They are literal retards (due to extreme amounts of inbreeding) 4) They know that women are dangerous but they apply an extreme solution to that, which is very dezhumanizing and counterproductive.

Just look at something like the Victorian era in England to see something that would work.

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4) They know that women are dangerous but they apply an extreme solution to that, which is very dezhumanizing and counterproductive.

This is something most men don't ever find a balance between. Either they are too weak and get walked all over or they go extremely rough and suppress their women too much. Desire cannot be suppressed, only redirected.

Look at dogs. They bite. They chase. They sniff. If it were up to the dog, they'd bite mailmen, chase cars, and sniff butts. You could get angry and beat it out of them, or do the work of chaining them up, but that's only a temporary or circumstantial solution, just like making women wear burkas. Instead, guiding those desires into something for your own benefit is the pinnacle of leadership and masculinity. Get the dog to bite toys on command and you can have yourself a guard dog in no time. Get the dog to chase balls and they'll run wherever you tell them. Get the dog to sniff drugs or people and you've got yourself a hard working, loyal, and useful dog. Women work the same way. The feminine is not something to be suppressed, just guided.

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They wore all those layers of clothing in the Victorian area not for modesty but for lack of bathing. The under most layers would be shed daily while the outer layers would remain relatively free of BO. Also by having so many layers they could essentially trap that nasty funk from getting out and offending others. But to really trap it you had to have high and tight collars and cuffs, which is exactly what they did.

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muslim world has their women covered up completely and theyre not exactly striving for intellectualism

modern Islam got destroyed gulf Arab money.

Imagine if crazies christian cult has most wealthy followers and used wealth to fuck up mind of Christians everywhere. Pretty much 90% of terrorism in this world is one way or the other related to wealthy gulf families.

80-90% of today's Islam is basically cult of lunatics.

Islamic world had huge influence on many field on science back in medieval times, especially math, astronomy and medicine, all of these fields were well developed, also Europe got many Chinese tech from Arabs/muslims.

Today, Iran and Pakistan are doing okay when it comes to technology/science, sure, say whatever you want about their governments/people but you can't be anti-science and have nukes and solid fuel powered ballistic missiles.

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Also, the same sexually-deprived horndog effect that makes teenage Palestinian boys easy suicide-bomber recruits is exactly why broadcasting porn is a better tactic than any other TV choice. It's a better distraction because Palestinian men rarely get to see it.

Not a complicated conspiracy at all.

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I’m not sure it’s even that complicated. There’s a biological/psychological explanation that’s much simpler...

If a population is under threat, starvation invasion whatever, the females will be less likely to copulate or procreate. This will antagonize the males and cause the males to try to solve the threat.

Now evolutionarily speaking, human biology has not evolved to understand that a computer screen/television is a false stimulus. So when you use porn, all your caveman brain realizes is that you’re seeing tits and ass all day and having orgasms so therefore the “females” that you’re seeing must not be under threat.

No threat = no response...

Plus the whole degeneracy thing...

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Obviously a monogamous family unit is the strongest form of defence against an oppressive government. The loyalty and sacrifice is all to each other, to the small connected group that is entirely dependent on one another. Men want a good faithful woman to take care of them. Women want a strong man to take care of them. When the two can trust each other not to betray one another that love can last a life time. Children need the stability and presence of both parents to grow up soundly and safely. Breaking up this unit is of the utmost importance to any party seeking control over the individuals. Betrayal in the family unit is the most profound disruption in human psychology.

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and that thread was calling no fap bullshit. I know it's not bullshit. stop going to base carnal desires and you will go to a higher vibration / state of mind / build,invent,work, instead of masturbation.

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Isn't it weird how stinky and disgusting pussy is, yet men are brainwashed into thinking they want to stuff their face in it? It's like a spell. Women claim they don't like that in men (mostly), but sheesh, where else does such a strong spell come from? Pussy....Cat...cat's are dangerous ambush predators, so that pretty much tells you right there, that women won't tell you if the DID cast the spell, since it would negate the entire ambush thing.

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check out pornwikileaks.com.

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What is this site about exactly? It's new to me.

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idk they just have a bunch of info on the industry and shit

one of the first articles i came across was on this lady diane duke

Diane C. Duke is the bull dyke Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) whose committment to free speech ends as soon as something offends her own sensibilities. She is a Stalinist hypocrite who has had a lifelong obsession with lesbian porn.


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