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Nintendo is a shitty company though, who will force you to buy multiple variations of their consoles to play old classics. Nintendo refuses to make their old games available on an online store to download onto your current console, and is currently shutting down ROM sites to prevent people from playing their classics.

If they made an online store compatible with their Switch, for example, then I would support their company as I would love to play some of their pokemon titles on the big screen (as well as the Golden Sun series; loved those games growing up). Alas, they'd rather brick your console and hoard their old games than boost their revenue and let you enjoy them on your device of choice. Kinda Jewish if you ask me.

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Get an emulator and grab a ROM torrent. If Nintendo doesn't want your business, then fuck'em. I was playing A Link to the Past and Castlevania, just last week, on my 60" with a retro Bluetooth SNES controller, that I got from Amazon for $40.

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I'm torn between their idiotic business moves and the old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" in this case in particular. Japanese culture is very cohabitable with Voat culture, except in the case of Nintendo. Nintendo, however, is one of the few companies that reaches both eastern and western markets while maintaining it's independence. I'm very curious to see how SSB Ultimate plays out, which will tell us if they're actually listening to their western fans.

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Not to mention their business practices are futile, anyway. Anyone can download a torrent of every NES, SNES, N64, and portable system game ever made in, like, ten minutes tops. They're only hurting themselves, to which I say, "good riddance".

The free market provides. If Nintendo doesn't value their old IP enough to continue to offer it for sale, then it's essentially worthless to them. If that's the case, their sentiment won't stop me from playing the classics that I still value.

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Nintendo loves playing around with hardware too much. N64's bullshit rumble pack and memory expansion, as well as not using a CDROM like its contemporaries. The Gamecube's retarded minidiscs. The Wii using a slot loader, etc. If they had just focused on making games... Then again that's what SEGA did and they're negligible these days.

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It's all they can do to survive. They don't make particularly good games these days.

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Not in the eyes of western culture, no. There's a reason their titles are JRPGs. However, they are trying to embrace SSB which has been successful in the western market, especially Melee. This years E3 caught me off guard when Project M players were brought into the Ultimate Tournament, which was an olive branch to the disenfranchised Melee community who felt scorned by both Brawl and SSB WiiU. The latter titles were sluggish and lost a major aspect of competitiveness, but Ultimate seems to have rectified that complaint. We'll see how the balancing works out...

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Oh, wow. I like that one.

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Well no one ever kills them. We just sit and screech.