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It's beautiful. That many kids and no racemixing. That's the way things are supposed to be.

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Damn it! You always beat me to it! Oh well, conceding to goats like you is all good in my book. Keep doing gods work.

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They don't even have that many kids they had six kids and then each of their kids got married and had 2-4 then those had one or two each so far.

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Multi-generational families with non-broken homes is perplexing to them.

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Ew, all these monogamous heterosexuals, gross! /s

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I know right? My grandparents had 20 that survived to adulthood. 6 is nothing.

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0h to be part of the time when the economy could support one person working and supplying 10 + kids with a good future

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"Why so many white people? Is this a Trump rally?"

It's a family, not that you'd know how that looks.

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Also note that there are no single parents on the second level.

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Those comments are depressing. The race war cometh.

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I definitely have more rage built up for the race wars after reading those comments.

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Trump has a surprise for you.

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Faggots need to stop hiding the identities of these genocidal Jews and their pets. Better to be able to look at their comment history and find the, "as a person of Jewish descent," among all the anti white comments.

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Look at all those taxpayers that reddit commenters get fed from! White people need to do doing that. Paying their fair share in taxes.

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The spending decisions government makes should legitimately lose them their sponsors.

Too bad that the sponsors are a captive audience.

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Good redpill. Either this is proof of mass brainwashing or proof of reddit bots. Link please

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And my mate does want kids one day, just not right now cause he wants to be married first and he hasn’t met the right guy yet.


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You can see the family sizes declining in that picture, kinda sad.

I wonder how many of the redditards think all the spouses are their children, too, so it appears family sizes are increasing.

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I'm counting 6 couples on the second level. On the bottom, I see 3, 2, 4, 1, 4, 1.

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I'm assuming some are still young though - probably in their 20's.

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So many fucking kikes on kikeitt

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