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He didn't need "professional help" That's just the effeminate Freudian pop psychology that destroyed his life in the first place.

He needed to live in a country where the women weren't so fucking spoiled and tyrannical they try to have him replaced and abuse him endlessly,

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I wonder what his wife would say to this. I wonder if she endlessly abused him after she tyrannically sold off her bakery because he wanted to live further north.

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This might be my autism and me not getting the joke. However it was his bakery in Alaska, not hers. And they both moved south so she could live closer to her parents.

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None of us knew him personally so it’s not really for us to say. Now send me a picture of your genitals

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Woods was being woods.....sarcastic!

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RIP skyking

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Gotta agree with Woods. That dude was on his last hurrah. Poor dude. Went out with a bang though.

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I've often heard, "Before you kill yourself, why not do as many things you've always wanted to do?" This guy wanted to do a barrel roll.

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Sad, he seemed cool.

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This is a question?

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Anyone got a link to the og image?

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He didn't hijack it! He just plain stole it! At no point have I heard that he wrested control of the plane from its pilots. Nor have I heard that the pilots were in it on the ground and he threatened them like a carjacking (which derives from hijack).

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It's not hijacking if it was unoccupied. It's merely theft.

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