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like a graceful penguin with gout

That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

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You know it sounds like a funny joke and all but Maisie Williams actually talks like this and it's incredibly disgusting


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It was cruel of jesus to make women so incredibly unfunny

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Because they don't need to be funny to get what they want.

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she looks like she was actually born to be the retarded sidekick of the rich cunt in period dramas that she actually seems to play all the time.

funny thing is that 'Adele' bitch also speaks like this.


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She looks that way because she suffers from alcohol fetal disorder because her mom was a drunk bitch while she was pregnant I mean what do you expect from Ireland they're all alcoholics at least that was their culture until the Somalians took over that country

I mean her friend in this video is kind of cute but she lost all of her attractiveness the moment she said "aye" and began to speak like a drunken pirate as well

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They should just teach everyone the posh RP accent.

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I think that gave me autism

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That's how you know it's working

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Low effort

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She's like the dumpy little sidekick to Sophie Turner.

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Anon is a retard. Plus she is ugly.

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Was funny, but you could tell he didn't have a decent ending in mind.

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If I was anon my end would be her head on a pike. My pike. Even though she is ugly as fuck with those weird far apart non directionally pointed eyes.

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No clue who this chick is but it's funny.