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Joe rogan is so open minded, sometimes it falls out.

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Sometimes? Dude's a bloody moron.

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I like that he lets his guests get away with a lot. It lets them get their whole idea across without some cliche counter argument derailing it. It also lets him interview people with outside opinions without normal people demanding he treat them like shit. He's bigger than any cable news show by a lot and isn't stuck on their ridiculous narratives. He has a significant, positive effect on American culture.

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I would say you are generally correct. It hurts my brain when he defends certain shit, though. Like CNN.

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Universal basic income makes me reeeeee every time he is promoting it

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But sometimes he has some people on who are full of shit or just plain stupid and they say a lot of incorrect/misleading shit and Joe doesn’t know enough about the subject to counter it and just lets the guy go on and on deceiving people. I also get the feeling that he’s sold out on some things over time, which is annoying to listen to. Overall he is still a net positive, though.

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Joe knows. He keeps his mouth shut to avoid the boring, cliche arguments that everyone has already heard. Hearing a complete opinion is what's rare and makes for a better podcast. There are occasions when he breaks that, but he tolerates a lot. Taking a strong stance will cost him listeners.

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He's like a precursor to alt-lite. Alt-lite trends to alt-right. He's good in that way.

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This isn't a spoof. This was word for word in a recent podcast.

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Shocked he didn't mention supplements and MMA.

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he keeps that contained to his mma podcasts but the mma interviews will branch out into philosophy and a slew of other shit too

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Which one?

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I was wrong; was the one with Tony Rock here but definitely not word for word. Just remember the peanut discussion and the 4chan green text was close enough that I thought that's how it was said.

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I came here to ask this

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I don't listen to him but admitting you don't know stuff is something I generally like in people. Honesty.

But then again he might be a fucking idiot too.

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I think that's part of his appeal. He's an openly ignorance person that wants to learn from educated/intelligent people. Joe's listeners get to directly see him learn or get exposed to something he'd never even considered. He can be a bit gullible but it's so rare to see someone so willing to have the conversation and acknowledge their own ignorance.

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Yep, that's great.

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With....... His occasional.... Pause that he always makes,its almost like he's trying to be normal you know{guest nods}

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Joe Rogan has gone full leftist retard.


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He was always high. Now, he's a sell out.

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Not every one you disagree with is a leftist. You’re falling into the same trap SJWs fall into where everyone they disagree with is a Nazi. He’s a centrist that’s openly ignorant of the subjects he brings guest into to discuss.

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Fine. Gone full centrist retard then.


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No, not leftist. He'd have to be definable within the main stream of thought to be defined as such. He's transcended left vs right.

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To be fair, he never claims to be smart and is open about how dumb he is.

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In Joe's defense, he's usually high as shit when he does these pods.

I don't mind him. I'm sure I'll be branded as a shill for saying I don't hate Joe Rogan, but I don't.

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Your not a shill for having an opinion, fuck those who say otherwise.

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