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the vaccines backfired


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That was a great end to the cap. Got a good chuckle out of that one.

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Then they found Shia's flag.

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I counted them one by one

TIL: I am an inferior being.

Edit: nm, I would have made each dot a separate object on it's own layer and then selected all those layers to see how many there were. Pretty sure that would work, but it might take 2 or 3x as many clicks/keystrokes.

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Or learn to code Python and use some AI image scanning APIs (does Tensor Flow do that?) to count heads, in a split second. If we can train AI to put Emma Watson's face on random skinny porn hookers, we can destroy fake news photos. Now that's weaponized autism.

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But, then.. what would autists do with all their free time?

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I remember this.

I made this the other day.

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Is that a chicken tendie or potato hash-brown puff ?

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It's called a tater-tot, fagit! :)

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potato hash-brown puff

Go back to Bongland, faggot.

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10/10 the vaccines backfired

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if I attempted this at my house

1235 click 1236 click 1237 click

"Hey hun, have you seen my cell?"

"Isn't it on the counter?"


"Yes it is. I saw it beside the fridge."

"Oh. Was looking at the wrong counter. Thanks."

"No problem. Love you"

"Love you too"

Now where was I....


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This, so much this... imagine the autism it took to keep counting.

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Am I missing something? Less than 4 minutes between OP's post and the count post?

That would be counting more than 12.5 people per second... Aka:Next level Autism.

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We need to have autists train AIs. If a program had watched him do this it could probably get enough data to repeat the process.

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artists train AI

Please tell me you are familiar with Tay.

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I am.. and since you are, I assume you see my point.

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