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Holy shit... that IS the solution.

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Tfw you are a step ahead of the chans.

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Finally. I've been telling goats this for months.

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Chad doesn't give a fuck about being ostracized by other dudes because he is addicted to sex. Nothing else matters to him.

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Trust me, make this an criminal offense and you'll see if he doesn't care.

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Still won't. High testosterone correlates with criminality. Go lift faggot.

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just dont go full Mormon and say "sex is evil, no pleasure allowed" and i think you will be fine.

honestly, i feel like God wants us to hold out for that special someone to spend your life with, then with the carnal lust God gave you you put rabbits to shame.

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Does 'Chad' tie in to that character on SNL?

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Like it's said here, Chad is a "meliorative (positive)" term in the internet, especially on 4chan or pick up forum. It's basically a manwhore who fucks a lot of women. People thinks it's worth celebrating and emulating.

I think that it's very degenerate and should be shamed and denounced and that it should become a pejorative term or that this "chad" meme needs to be exterminated all to get her.