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also the Disney Marvel machine blocked negative reviews making it one of the highest rated film of all time https://imgoat.com/uploads/e9fc289c3f/82031.jpg it is illegal now to hate a film, every disney must be loved otherwise 'racism' card

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They did the same with Star Wars because we were "Russian troll bots"

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Are there any decent movie review sites that haven't been ✡cockroached✡ ?

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Yeah, TorrentFreak's "Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of the Week".

No joke. Pirates are a better barometer of popularity/quality than MSM/commercials/Youtube. Have been for two decades.

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Is that what they did?

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Your a bigot if you hate the Jews at Disney.

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When the niggers were making monkey noises I lost it.

I could feel the judgment.

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Me too. I had to pause it before I could continue the movie. Then when it ended I had to go back and witness that magnificent scene again. A+ would recommend for that scene alone.

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Can a nigger get a link?

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Some stupid liberal wrote an article that niggers should grunt at people more. I'm on mobile or else I would link it.

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Where can I find this scene? Too lazy to torrent.

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Probably jewtube.

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I actually watched this one. I figured I would give it a watch a judge for myself instead of hearing dumb reviews. They basically say all white people are evil colonists and every white character that enters wakanda gets interrupted/not allowed to speak constantly.

It's an amazing double standard.

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Sounds like an American college campus.

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I thought it was overrated, but I liked that the villain's only plan for how to stop the evil white colonial imperialists was to become an evil black colonial imperialist, and that some of the Wakandans didn't give a fuck about other Africans. Those parts were realistic.

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Pretty much exactly what happened when I watched it with someone. Told them it would be non stop sjw nonsense and they would not even wait to start it. Was correct.

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The directors opening really sets the tone for the film... Only good part of the movie was the trailers.

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How was the trailer good? How is anything involving niggers good??

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The trailers of other movies before the movie.

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Black on black murder is pretty good; literally the trash taking itself out. All we need is more abortion clinics in ghettos; maybe with silly radio deals like, "first fifty women to show up get an extra $50 deposited on their EBT card".

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Is this truth? Haven't seen it.

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I like how a Swedish white guy wrote the music. Same guy who made the music for "this is america." It's pretty good, don't get me wrong... but the irony when you put it all in perspective is just amazing. Literally Jews and White folks made the black people movie.

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>be black

>only example of a lasting black civilization is a fictional empire of Kangz invented by whites and Jews where whitey gets put in his place


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Dont know if you're aware of how right you are BUT they are wanting to teach wakanda history in SCHOOL....let that sink in.

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