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The successful black people who get their jobs through hard work and having actual qualifications will usually acknowledge the toxic nature of mainstream black culture in the United States.

The Niggers who are unemployable, or even worse, the Niggers who get their jobs because of diversity quotas, will simply blame the white man for all of their culture's failings, without ever looking in a mirror.

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without ever looking in a mirror.


I can't imagine why.

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“Hoo dat?”

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I do love based niggers.

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I'd love to replace all of the niggers in my area with the "based" variety. It'd still suck, just less. I honestly wish eugenics were still a thing. Think of how awesome the world would be, with only the objectively best-of-the-best procreating.

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I live in a historic district. Most houses are 5,000 SF+, which means that a couple of blocks down they turned these homes into section 8 housing. It is a shame. I have firearms stashed everywhere, just in case Ja'Quango decides to get a wild hair up his ass.

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Eugenics still exist to an extent though planned parenthood. Without them the US would be overrun with niggers. They're probably the best violent crime prevention program in existence in the US.

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honestly. A good house style nigger are pretty solid and loyal.

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That guy sounds alright.

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Yeah, I'd have a beer with him.

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You see, when the only thing black about him left is his skin color, he seems like a good guy.

And thus racism is debunked.

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I'm not sure I would go that far.

If anything, any system with some variance is going to have outliers.

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an American patriot right there

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Nigger patriot

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I call my best friend 'faggot' and my wife 'bitch'. I am often called 'asshole'. What else do you say to a based ass American who happens to look like a nigger? It's not like he doesn't know.

That philosopher guy who sniffles all the time gives a great talk on this subject, but I can't find it. Or remember his name. I am also called 'retarded' sometimes.

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I know the guy you're talking about. When travelling, he asks people to tell him an offensive joke. It's a great ice breaker. People love to talk shit about how retarded their cultural neighbors are, but they'll still sit down and have a beer together. Political correctness is a cancer.

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That's the one. I'll randomly remember it at some point once I stop trying to think of it.

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Hell, that's how I test my black potential-friends to see if they're worth my time. Casually drop a "nigger" during a conversation; if they're cool with it, or even-better bring some counter-bants, then I know they're a keeper.

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Some people one bell curve can be ahead of the average of another bell curve. It's inevitable. It's these people we should celebrate and use as an example to their kin. Not making excuses for black's niggerness and allowing them to perpetuate their bullshit.

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Watch this guy. He makes awesome points.


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Doesn't matter if there's some good "based" blacks. There will always be niggers and eventually we' just have to go through this again and cut the cancer out.

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Every race has niggers. It just happens that the blacks have more than their fair share.

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Sizzurp + Skittles?

I'll pass and stick to 4Loco.

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Don't remind me of that magnificent product. It's now banned where I live. :(

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Do a CWE of some T1s, evaporate to low volume, and make a tincture out of it. So much better than that liver-destroying nigger-drank. You can add it to anything, without altering its flavor. Thankfully my body barely processes codeine, at all, and it becomes totally useless after two or three doses, for about a month. I'd probably have replaced alcohol with that shit by now, if this weren't the case. I'll settle for it being a beautiful pain aid, for whenever I fuck myself up at the gym.

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