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"They let you grab them by the pussy" - Nonstop REEEEEEEEEEEEEEing for years.

"I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place" - You shouldn't fire him

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Grug think wrong to rub small grug

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It's amazing how idiots compete to be the most SJW online. Imagine he coached 5yo boys hockey and he tweeted that. Even a recluse who says that should have the police called..... fuck man, the SJW online logic baffles me.

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These SJW / leftists are the ultimate hypocrites. They don't actually care about anything except where others fall in the socio-political spectrum. You can be the biggest scumbag on earth, but if you're a fellow liberal then you get a pass. The opposite is true also; Trump could oversee the largest economic boom in US history and SJW's will find fault with it.

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That sums it up nicely. Thanks.

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Don't fuck with the hacker 4chin, he will fuck you up.

edit: FPBP, the salt is real. pic related https://kek.gg/i/7m4wcm.png

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Never. Ever. Fuck. With. /pol/.

They destroy people's entire lives over much, much, less. They are a force of chaotic good. The second that the faggot went on 4chan to defend himself, he became a walking corpse.

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More than likely someone larping has him for the fun of it.

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Jimmy Kimmel is next.

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Jimmy Kimmel is a ripe target. He is also employed by Disney so if they DON'T fire him, Gunn will have a pretty good case for a wrongful termination suit. We can't lose.

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That would be awesome.

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"Bad faith outrage"

The balls on these dykes

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There's a tweet of him saying that he never felt as ok with himself as during a nambla meeting ("north american man/boy love association", an organization that advocates sexual abuse of boys).

https://i.imgur.com/srmA5SN.png / http://archive.is/4zTS1

The people on pizzagate might at times be reaching anytime there's a spiral or double heart printed somewhere however if a guy openly admits to have never been as ok with himself during a NAMBLA meeting along with other creepy tweets they probably have a valid point.

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Lol, that was actually a retweet from one of his pedo friends... uh... I mean it was just a retweeted joke... uh... just like the other few hundred... uh... jokes... that I posted. Me so funny.

(((They))) are shitting in their pants right now.

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Yeah, it's all just a bunch of self-deprecating jokes.... without a punchline.

Who doesn't joke around about being a pedophile in a manner that comes off as serious instead of funny... haha.

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"Bad faith" outrage? Oh, honey.

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They like to project... what can you say?

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I hope they find dirt on her, she's acting weird.

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Disney is pedo central, I can't wait for the day when the dam truly breaks. I posted this on another thread. Scroll down and read No. 214. As I said before, this comes from CDAN so take it as you may, but I've heard too many like stories from other sources that all ring the same bell. http://www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/2018/JULY.html

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I wish a level 9000 Chad with a magic baseball hat could decend unto the earth and vaporize all these likes and fags with his magic laser baseball hat.

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I'm so glad Channel Awesome destroyed itself. Such a cesspool of liberal scumbags.

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Are we supposed to know who she is? "Channel awesome" sounds like some mid-80's after-school crap.

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It was a website regrouping content creators who specialized in reviews. Lindsay Ellis, the cunt in the picture, was know for her feminist interpretation of the Disney movies.

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Actually Lindsey left CA quite a long time ago to peruse a writing career in Pedowood, so it's no wonder she'd bend over backwards to defend such people.

She was actually pretty even handed in her reviews back in the CA days but when she left the Feminism was turned up to 11.

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