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This is dumb.

Literally anyone could have framed his post from Gunn's perspective.

The same guy also could have deleted it just for this reaction.

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People are too easily fooled by anonymous handles on the internet. Even 4ch. It's sad

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I mean, they tell you not to believe anything posted there right at the top of the page.

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and that's usually what happens (99.9% of the time) on 4chin.

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could have been the same gun for most of the thread

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Low effort post IMO...Gunn is hollyweird but the name an anglo saxon or scottish name Gunnr there was also a Norse form Gunne...I don't know about 4chan anymore and anyone any retard shill can post any delusional shit on 4chan...anyways most hollweird marvel disney types normally give me that creepy vibe so its hard to tell who the fuck is just quirky and who the fuck is doing something wrong ...but James Gunn he did b-movie horror stuff and Marvel stuff I always thought he might be ok, I remember he used to call out James Toback for yrs maybe in the days of myspace or geocities something not sure what happened maybe global Jew pervert Toback molested a cousin or friend or sister of James Gunn, Toback molested or raped a lot like 200 people? and Gunn was one of the few calling him out... anyways I feel Gunn used to call out some of these creeps while the Danny Masterson, Madonna, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey types were selling their ass or molesting people. Ben Shapiro rarely listen to him, Mark David Duplass ...don't know..was that some Jesuit Jew French writer actor who works on hollyweird tv and lived down south... whole 4chan online outraged seems fake manufactured.

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Gunn has admitted to partial jewish heritage.


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I want to believe.

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Ugh. I'm actually related to this guy except he's part jew. Gunn is an English name.

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Gunn used to be a Scottish clan prefix also, like "Mac" if I'm not mistaken. But yeah, he's part jew.

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I haven't heard of Gunn being used as a prefix in Scottish names, but there is a Clan Gunn who took the name from their Viking founders.

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Hitler was extremely lenient with the Jews, what a dumbfuck.

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He is anon to me.

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He was, until he doxxed himself in the worst way possible. What a stupid jew.

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Hey. You remember that time I shot Reagan?

It's easy to claim to be somebody online with no proof. Remember the top of the page is "it's all fiction"?

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Anyone have the download link to his Twitter archive?

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