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ultra lol

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It’s “top kek”

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top kek stocks are currently in free-fall. While the market projects an overall optimism, towards kek(ism), in general— top kek appears to be a one trick pony: propped up by adjacently related memes, whom are currently valued much higher. Prediction? A slow decline, to be accelerated by a replacement, hereunto unknown.

Now would be the time to slowly start to divest yourself of all top kek liquid assets, while holding on to your rare memes: as those may resurface in value, at any time, and can be easily diverted in to long-term holdings (to be cashed in, at a later date).

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"whats 4chan?"

"good question. look at this picture."

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This is a very misleading sample of what 4chan is. You have to wade through miles and miles of absolute shit before you find gems like this.

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It's worth it though.

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Haha, what a pic though. Crazy world.

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I think we talk about the Jews more that 4chan.

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Pretty sure another site has us both beat, they do have remember the jew weekends as their theme.

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Weekends? Have you not seen... People can start talking about Jews for a picture of a dog, man we talk about Jews 24/7 here there is no weekend Jew talk. People get pissed if we suggest not talking about Jews

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If you filter out the shill threads pol is 90% kike hating

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Pol isn't all of 4chan though. All ofvoat talks about Jews.

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I’m happy I’m not a seagull

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Seriously though, I keep trying to have fun with video games and I just can't get into them anymore.

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Maybe you have experienced so many different games that no new title will ever bring you a novel experience anymore. It is not that gaming is different from your childhood, it is that YOU are different from your childhood.

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Didn't even get dubs.

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sorry if i sound like a noob but when i click the image i just goes to kek.gg and nothing happens am i doing something wrong?