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He was telling her nobody wants to settle down with a cock riding whore who is now 30+ has hit the wall and now when shes used dried up and no chad wants to dick her anymore suddenly she wants a nice beta cuck provider to drain him like a parasite she is. Once a whore always a whore. Pair bonding is impossible for her. She will always be searching for that better deal and you better believe she will be cheating every opportunity she gets. Not to mention 2,3 years down the road when she gets bored she will divorce rape him and take his house, his car and kids.


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But this rule only works for women, and men who fuck as many woman as will say yes have no similar inclinations and don't cheat or dump their wives for a younger model at every opportunity? This guy is expecting a woman that he's never met to fuck him just for fun, suffer all the societal consequences including potential pregnancy, but have no contact ever again. How can you guys to continue to be so myopic and not consider all the other factors surrounding this phenomena?


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I kinda sounds like you think women don't enjoy sex enough to engage in it for it's own sake.