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Calls them neckbeards, then goes on to describe how only chads and alphas could ever speak to women without getting rape-whistled.

Women don't respond to appeals to reason and intuition from low status males. They're even more commanded by their ovaries (biological imperatives) than men are by their balls. They will never stoop to learn from a male they perceive to be socially disposable, as neckbeards have been designated. Even a wealthy neckbeard is perceived only as a last chance back-up plan or meal ticket while she sneaks around with the pool boy.

This is the same old shit with different wording. Non-alpha white males have no value or status in our society. Until they do, women won't listen to them, let alone submit to their world view or ideas for social change. The only possible shift will come when enough of these beta back-up types pull out of the female post-wall safety net ranks to actually scare them. Form stronger lobby groups to draw taxes away from single mother welfare, and pretty much entirely kill off the concept of alimony. An entire generation of roasties has to be burned by the system to demonstrate that the rules have changed. This won't happen until these fucking neckbeards with-hold their wealth and resources and white-knight style voting support for post-wall women. And aggressively lobby and vote for their own interests. HR and other types of fake jobs-for-the-girls careers need to be extinguished too - no more diversity hires. Merit only.

The next generation of women seeing the utter destruction of their older sisters will only then be willing to start hearing the men's appeals to their "deep down intuitions", but only because, through merit, even beta-male neckbeards will hold higher social status than women.

tl;dr: WOMEN DO NOT DATE DOWN. EVER. The entire premise of anon's rant is faulty.


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That's not true. I know an ugly semi wealthy woman whonis dating a man below her station. It's not common and it doesn't happen young but it happens


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Cool story bro.