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Be the change you want to see, expect it from the others around you.

This from the mountain tops.

I have been sober now 9 months. I have been married 17 years and have two boys (16 & 11) and a girl (8). When I got married I cucked hard and placated to her every whim. Because of this I became soft and lazy and lost her respect due to me not being strong. I allowed our lives to be filled with degeneracy (pot, alcohol, porn, etc.) not speaking my mind about how I truly felt about gays and a myriad of other important topics, one of which being religion; all three of our children are not baptized and I regret it immensely. Now I never went full board and allowed others into the bedroom and that is probably why our marriage is still hanging on by a thread. She’s now 50lbs over weight and extremely unhappy and unhealthy.

When I made the decision to change it caused a lot of resentment and confusion. Actually, the only people who supported my decisions were other men. I vividly remember my mother’s words when I told her I had gone back to church for the first time in over 30!years. She said “I just worry you are giving up one addiction for another”. I couldn’t believe it. But now months later they have accepted it and my wife is finally making conscious decisions to better herself. Even lefty male friends of mine are starting to realize the error of their ways. Once they saw the positive changes in my life they immediately wanted a piece of it, asking if they could go work out with me etc. It’s going to be a long road for me and my wife but either way I know I am finally on the right path.

So in short, you are correct. Be the change you want to see, it is contagious in nature.


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Bravo! But I also want to give a warning, that it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes the people around you like their lifestyle and your changes really shine a light on the choices they are making and it can make them resent you for it. However, please don't let this detour you potential uplifters out there. Sometimes a seed is planted that will grow later, maybe you won't be there to see it. Sometimes people will delve deeper into their dysfunction to justify their actions to themselves, don't be detoured.

Thanks for sharing your positive story SweetChicken.


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make them resent you for it

Agreed. I dealt with a lot of it at first, then silence (likely because they secretly hoped I’d fail/quit), now I see them attempting to change as well. Whether they succeed or not is up to them but I will be here to support them while they try. If they don’t, it will not affect me in the slightest because I can not control them. Trying to control things which you can’t causes us the most grief in our lives. If my marriage fails I will simply move on in my better state of mind, body, and soul. I’ve managed to put on 7lbs of muscle in three months of lifting and nothing is going to derail me now. I’m 44 and I don’t have anything to lose at this point. It’s nice to get back to the old me, I should have never have changed. Thank you for the nice words! Come over to v/theredpill and do some of the self improvement challenges with us. We are currently doing a 200 squat challenge


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Congrats, man. More faggots need to wake up and realize their potential. All men can be men; they just need to seize it. Went through a similar experience, to yours. Got married young, turned in to a soyboy faggot. Somewhere along the line, the redpills started flowing. These days, the wife and I bantz about the Jews and degenerate Muslims— and laugh about it, together, as a family. Never been physically stronger; never had a stronger faith, in a higher power— that one can only achieve, through years of introspection. Good times. The future is bright. Deus vult.


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Thanks, brother. You are so right and I hope threads like these, and people like us sharing our stories can inspire others to do the same.


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Bro, that made me start tearing up. Bravo to you, never stop never lose focus


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Thank you, man. I will never stop at this point. Once you get clean and your T levels come back you think so much more clearly. I feel the best I have in over 20 years. I have this mindset even while losing my job last week. Fuck em’ God has better things in store for me

If you are having a hard time and need to just talk and BS, shoot me a message. Again, all the support I get is primarily from the men I know both online and IRL. Cheers