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[–] ErrorHasNoRights 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

Guys today have become horribly ignorant to believe that girls are "just as strong as them" and all that bullshit. Uhhhhh... no they're not. Girls are not strong in any regard.

Unless they've exercised to a great degree the virtue of purity (and I mean build it up, not just be a virgin), they will not have the strength to rebuff the advances of an alpha. Period. It's just dumb and unsophisticated to not understand that. Thinking the average woman has the strength to shut off an alpha is like thinking the average woman could bench press 225 lbs. You're just plain dumb if you think that. It is easier for a man to not fall to masturbation for a year than it is for a woman to not fall for a man she finds attractive.

That's why every civilized society worth a shit has had a "gentlemen's agreement" -- that is policed among the MEN of society -- that men would not have sex with anyone who is not his wife. PERIOD. No exceptions. And any civilization that doesn't respect those boundaries is going to turn into Africa within about a century or two.

You can blame women all you want but expecting them to bench press 225 lbs against their nature is just ignorant as hell. You have to go after the men who don't respect people's daughters.


[–] 12830382? [S] 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

That gentlemen's agreement actually makes sense now.

But in this ultra individualist, hedonist/nihilist and egoist society, we can't expect on gentlemen's agreement unfortunately...


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I think women are drawn to "alpha" men sure...and are attracted to them, but on the contrary, yes we can say "no." I think it goes both ways for men and women...unfortunately the world is shitty now and no one seems to believe in honor or their word and they make up excuses for their behavior all the time - in a nutshell, people are weak...weaker than they've ever been before.