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As a man in my forties, I take comfort in the fact that there are far, far, FAR more unhappy women my age than men.

Both men and women have been through the wringer but it leaves women much more unhappy than men. Eventually men just say fuck it and stop caring. Women dwell on it constantly and it drives them batshit insane that men don't place the same importance on relationships as they do.

"You mean they don't want to date? What do they do then?"

"Nothing, they just sleep late or work on their cars or go fishing, go to the gym, go hunting..."

"But what about a relationship? Don't they want to get married?"

"Not really. Most of them already have been and don't want to go through that again."

"What?!! Why? They don't care?!" (Insert bansheelike wailing and hours of watching Ellen and hundreds of dollars spent on spiritual uplifting find yourself crap novels like Wild, Eat Pray Love snd How Stella Got Her Groove Back)


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Listen to this guy, boys. In your 30's you get to see the other side of the coin and it's pretty hilarious.


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I'm already seeing former cute chicks blow up 80+lbs more than they should have after shitting out a child, and they're in their early twenties. Fucking ridiculous.


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I am so looking forward to that!


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Exactly right. Bought an old truck two years ago on its way to the scrap yard and rebuilt myself a Damn nice vehicle in two years. Everything's new on it. And no loans from the bank ever. Plus i can still easily pull 20 year old tail when i want it. Makes me sad to see women my age overweight and needy/crazy looks about them, but why buy the cow when the milk is free? They gave away their one true power. Pussy. Which diminishes with age, but my power, money, only increases with age. Ah feminism, you sure fucked over a whole generation of formerly good women ..


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I love when I date women my age and they always tell the 'divorce story' which, every time, is the tale of how they left a guy and they're so much better off and happier.

I always think, really? You don't seem very happy. Most of them are clinging to any shred of happiness and trying to convince themselves they're strong, independent and still vital.

All those women had marches around the country to prove to each other how relelvant and happy they are. It was all a bunch of back slapping, self congratulatory selfie taking. That's the life of a single post thirties woman. Happy, isn't it?


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This is all accurate. I can already hear the banshee screeching.


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