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[–] AnmanIndustries 6 points 8 points (+14|-6) ago 

If I go around and call myself a law abiding citizen, but steal cars on the side, is my title of "law abiding citizen" correct?


[–] 12829245? [S] 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

No of course. The problem is that christianity holds no more power, not even "religious" people follow the christian values anymore and follow the current Main Stream (((trends))) and the (((current Zeitgeist))).

A.k.a : Most Christians nowadays aren't really Christians anymore, they are pretty much just holding the appearance of it. In this day and age, having a true christian girls ? Maybe 1% or 2% of girls are truly christians virgins nowadays, this society is so evil,kiked and corrupted, and our churches and religion so weak and tolerant, that the whole society is going to be corrupted.


[–] AnmanIndustries 4 points 5 points (+9|-4) ago 

In some ways you are right and in other ways not.

Christianity holds plenty of power. You just wont find it because you are looking at the "nowadays" Christians. I would agree, most of them are barely at the start of the walk with God. And probably wont leave that part of the path. At the same time, it is good to put emphasis on religious, because region is man made doctrine on how to worship God. Man kind is already sinning by looking to man in order to talk to God. If you do not follow God that part is irrelevant, because its all man made to you.

A true Christian man, will know to compare his wife to the bible and see if she is a true Christian or not. We are asked to do this in the church, why not so to our potential wife?

There are many out there who still know God properly. You wont win the battle of decadence within western civilisation without them. Most people, do not want their help.