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a huge mistake was not allowing children to work under 18. If children could work and started to understand why you work and how to handle money and responsibility as early as they could understand it then they would not live like Kings indoctrinated until the age of 26 in their parents basements loving communism as it is all they have ever known. there is a reason why men were men before the age of 18 in days gone by and now we have communist coddle babies that are 65 years old with their robot sex toys 800 pounds wide.


[–] bdmthrfkr [S] 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

I had a paper route from the age of 10, I sold off-cut carpets from the age of 12, I worked at a swap-meet every weekend selling shoes from the age of 14 and sold candy door-to-door from the age of 16.

I agree with you, kids today have it way too easy and the American work ethic is dying generation by generation.


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Dude, right? Just look at soldiers from a hundred years ago in pictures etc. They are all like 16-21, but they look like MEN.


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my parents let me work

I got my first job last year at 16 as a lifeguard

before that I had to do chores for my mom and she'd pay me 4 dollars a week


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I started working when I was 15.