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i thought that this turned out to be disinfo

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The links are right there. Go check 'em.

Also: https://www.ecosia.org/search?q=microchimerism
Seems pretty un-debunked to me...

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this is even true in the dog world. if you have a registered bitch, and she's hooked up with a mutt, her bloodline is ruined. something we learned when we raised and sold AKC registered animals.

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That's on point. Thanks for the analogy.

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Hard to keep such a good story down though.

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I think it is true, it just doesn’t mean what people think it means.

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Which is fine. Most people are morons and can’t understand the literal truth. This sort of short-hand can help them make the necessary mental connection between fucking lots of dudes and ending up resembling them in some way, and passing that on to your children. This is such an obvious thing once someone pus attention to it and the rest of the problem will solve itself. The actual mechanisms are not important to jane and john doe.

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Possible Loopholes:

Does having sex with lots of men give you shitloads of extra dna or is it just some?

Is there a control for women who have never had sex?

What benefit would absorbing dna have in an evolutionary sense?

Is it even a problem if you did absorb dna?

Can a woman give birth to a child with the dna harvested without needing more man juice?

Does the same thing happen with faggots in the bum?

Does this mean you could have a black baby even if you haven't seen black in 10 years before meeting a white husband?

How does a dna test work with both your parents if you have a whole bunch of other dna in your system?

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You are asking the right questions. These are the ones I need to know, especially the faggots in the bum. Asking for a friend.

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What benefit would absorbing dna have in an evolutionary sense?

Wrong side, is it evolutionary beneficial if your sperm (DNA) can survive inside a woman longer than 3 days after intercourse.

I'd say yes.

Edit: Assuming the DNA is passed on to future children.

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I know what you mean but what if it was the females that let the sperm pass through membranes that lived instead of an aggressive sperm trait?

It's not really possible to tell which side started doing it, or if it's just all bullshit at the moment.

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Good point, assuming that somehow it travels back and fertilizes an egg. Although if the sperm gets everywhere in your body why have there been no cases of pre-fertilized eggs being implanted after release? hmm

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I wouldn't consider these loopholes, rather logical questions that are brought up during scientific method, which means greater testing is required.

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It’s called telegony and was abandoned in the 50’s before people understood DNA. Asians have started new research into it a few years back while it’s generally seen as a taboo subject in the west, there are still some studies related to this being published.

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But you know it's us men that are wrong to judge a woman who is a slutt.

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Then how the fuck do paternity tests work? Sounds like bs to me

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the paternity tests confirm if she has her own DNA in the baby and the fathers DNA in the baby, not if there is residual sperm DNA foreign alien dna in her brain and her baby, DNA left over from the times she was fucking other dudes. ' http://meowoof.com.au/2013/07/chimera-dog/ 'microchimerism' would open up a whole new world of lawsuits

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I'm going to hazard a guess that you don't have a medical degree.

There's so much wrong with this that it's difficult to know where to begin.

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This is not unique to humans. All females in a species are gatekeepers of genetic diversity. Consider a secluded society that promotes chastity and marriage between members of the same tribe. Notice how they have more genetic defects? Know how mad cow disease started? Interbreeding dooms a species. This is not necessarily damning of human women it’s a fact of nature.

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A female guppy, if impregnated with male guppy sperm, is capable of holding onto that sperm for the rest of her life. She can give birth to a fish, that contains the DNA from the first fish that ever gave her sperm.

This is important when breeding guppies, to try and separate the male guppies as fry, before they fully develop. Though, there have been cases where a mature female guppy in a tank full of other female guppies, can become male.

Don't compare fish to humans though. Fish can be all sorts of fucked up.

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Dont compare fish to humans though. Humans can be all sorts of fucked up.


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Yup...Also, surviving a famine or bitter cold or intense drought or what have you. Also has been shown to permanently effect both sperm and eggs. Probably why evolution is as fast as it is. It's not just completely random mutations. Information is being passed about your health to your offsprings DNA.

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That's epigenics. Environment doesn't change the genes, but it can change how they are expressed.

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So this whole idea if it's true could be the biggest "holy shit" moment in human history. I know a guy who looks nothing like his brother. Different eye and hair color, different skin tone. So either the mom slept around or some of her previous partners DNA got mixed in or some shit. Can you fucking imagine the consequences that would have for humanity?

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Some of my relatives look nothing like their parents. However, there are relatives who they do look similar to. My fiancée looks like her great grandmother on her father’s side. I apparently look like a great uncle from my father’s side, and I’ve been told my uncle from my mother’s side as well. I look a lot like my eldest brother, but neither of us share similarities to our parents. Genes are weird.

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Or it could just be recessive genes?

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MFW one of the last thing i said to an ex fiancee was "A piece of me will always be with you"

I wasnt joking.

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I've said this to an ex as well.

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