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Oh, I was hoping it exploded or something.


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Your body metabolizes ethylene glycol (the antifreeze part of antifreeze) in the liver, producing something else that gets metabolized again into something else. The third thing crystallizes in your liver. If i remember correctly, a method of preventing this is it's solubility in alcohol. I wouldn't try it though.


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In 1985 Austrian wineries diluted wine with glycol to make it taste sweeter. No one has died of it as far as I know, but it is definitively not healthey even if dissolved in alcohol.


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Ethyl alcohol (aka drinking alcohol as we call it), gets metabolized into acetaldehyde by the liver (that's what gives you the hang over). The acetaldehyde is further metabolized into vinegar & water.

Ethylene Glycol, aka Glycol alcohol, gets metabolized into Formaldehyde by the liver, which is then further metabolized into Formic acid (aka Methanoic acid). Formic acid then proceeds to do what strong acids do and eat out your insides - starting with the retina of your eyes, no less. This is what happens when you consume the foreshot from a still... OR ANTIFREEZE.

This is also why people who poison puppers with antifreeze deserve a special place in hell.


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I'd settle for sterilization