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This is now a fact post.

The vast majority of crime that is gun related is committed by people who illegally are possessing that firearm.

What is your fact?

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Cigarette lighters were invented before matches.


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Always blows my mind.


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i can kind of see that. im thinking a zippo type lighter (fluid/fluid soaked medium - wick - flint) would have been a bit easier to make at a time when we had them wick style oil lanterns than anything with a pressurised fluid... come to think of it why didnt some fucker make a wick lantern with a flint in it so you didnt have to burn your fingers lighting it.

Think of early dynamite and how volatile that shit was. Imagine packets of matches going off in your pocket because they got a bit too hot or dry cos they had been made by smaller amounts of the same thing!


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Well, Jimbo. The jews want to tell us, that the gas chambers had wooden doors.

Now isn't that just quackin crazy?


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And the "gas chambers" had leaks, they couldnt hold enough Zyklon-B to be deadly, as proven on court by a Torture expert and the anti-semitism chargers were beaten.


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About half of gun deaths in the US within the last 10 years were ruled either accidents or suicides.

Gun deaths would drop by half if people were more responsible with their guns or found alternative methods of suicide.

Another fun fact: 11 people per 100,000 die due to firearm related injuries each year. This means you have a 99.989% chance of not dying by firearm in any given year, and if you lived to 78 you would have about a 1% chance of dying by firearm related injuries within your lifetime.