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Everyone more or less got high speed internet when I was in my early 20s and cell phones by mid 20s. I would say that I've seen both worlds. There is a bigger generational gap between myself and someone 10 years younger than me than there is someone 20 years older than me.

Males today generally act shadier and more fem than most females I grew up around.

They always assume the worst about everyone. 15 years ago even, you could have someone come into work and talk casually talk about a minor issues in regards to their wife or gf without everyone assuming they hated women or hated their wife. That person wouldn't have to worry about a creep at work contacting their wife on FB, relaying the story out of context, exaggerating what was said, etc and causing serious problems at work and at home.

There was also a general respect for older people. Even when I worked in restaurants in HS, I gave older men some space, a little more respect and was understanding that we may not have the same sense of humor. There was a feeling out process. Now this doesn't exist, mainly because there is no threat of violence. I remember fights in HS and at work. It was understood if a man fucked with another man enough, you were liable to be taken outside.

There has been a general breakdown in social norms. For example: busting someone's balls. That was something people did if they liked you. You didn't joke around with someone unless you knew them and liked them and you could take the same kind of jokes coming back your way. Now people don't joke around at all or they do it too much. They're this way because the law protects them. The workplace protects them and they can get away with it.

I also see people setting traps with their political views. Example "This trump guy did this" and then they're waiting to see how you react. If you disagree, they throw 15 more things at you which you can't possibly respond to all of them and then they try and pick apart every word you say, assuming the worst about you and it's almost like having a conversation with a schizophrenic. If you say nothing, they assume the worst and will take a few more jabs. If you get angry, disagree, say nothing, etc. all moves are wrong. They want you to vehemently and enthusiastically agree with them. Otherwise, they will immediately start searching for shit on you and rallying others like them against you with accusations that you are a racist, etc. It's like worms competing with each other to see who can be the king worm. If you're a supervisor or manager, it's easy to dismiss this kind of bullshit but if you're not, it becomes more difficult. There was a time when people would just tell someone like this at work to 'shut the fuck up'

The white knights, lurches, etc are also way more prevalent in today's world than they used to be. In the past if you did this, you'd be immediately made fun of by the other males, not anymore.

Even 7 years ago it seemed more common to make small talk at work. Example: find out what you and someone else have in common and talk about that when not talking about work related stuff. That could be golf, basketball, football, MMA, boxing, video games, movies, TV shows, or whatever. I've seen a lot less of this. If someone is into basketball but if you're not into that, they'll just keep talking about it. They won't make an effort to maybe see what you're into. Worse than that, are the people that have nothing non-work related to say but can't stop talking. They're very annoying, long winded and often repeat themselves. This is very common with fat people or people at work who never get laid and have no real friends. They will just repeat work related bullshit over and over and you have to politely try and get rid of them. When I'm having to work at the office all day, I hit a button on my cell and ring my office phone to get rid of them immediately.

Absent also is a live and let live attitude. My goal at work, #1 is always to have a good working relationship with people. If I don't like someone, I will be cordial and efficient in what I say to them. For many people, they must like you or hate you. They can't stand the thought of someone NOT liking them, even if they hate that person. If I'm doing my job and being courteous to customers all day, I like to relax. If we don't mesh naturally, maybe I don't want to entertain you at work all day.

I've also noticed a fascination with guys 'joking' about cocks and dicks a lot. I don't have an issue even with a few jokes a day but this often goes on all day. It's like they can't decide if they are fascinated with cocks or homophobes who are fixated on hating guys. I suspect there is a thin line between the 2. It is something nearing on a mental disorder. I've seen this out of guys making 70k+ a year, just all day joking, in graphic detail about sticking objects up their ass. Even if no one else is around, there they are, going on about cocks.

In general, people are a lot more self righteous, love to assume the worst about each other and this causes them to be huge hypocrites. Whether you are a leftist zealot or religious extremist, the self righteous all act this way. There is a huge gap in self awareness there. I don't think a lot of them think about others at all or imagine how they might feel if they were in that person's shoes. They also expect a lot out of others they don't offer themselves. I've walked into jobs where they have just straight up lied to me about what I was doing, whom my boss was, how many bosses I had, etc. When I walked out a few days later and said "this isn't for me" there was total outrage and it was totally unexpected. Nothing makes them madder. As we see the general breakdown of the family and communities, people get lonelier and as this happens the social norm becomes more and more to plot against others. Dysfunctional and lonely people can't get along with each other unless they are 'fighting' a common enemy.

I think most of these problems are a result of numerous things but primarily of legislation lobbied for by large legal firms and the federal prison industry. Because of these lobbies, congress has passed laws that prevent us from solving problems between ourselves at work and even at home. When there are too many rules, it's worse than having no rules. All of these laws encourage the worst out of people and enable the worst people in our society. You could have a group of 10 people, 9 being awesome human beings and one bug, that turd will poison the whole punch bowl. That's what our sue happy society does. If you have a male high on the disagreeable scale, in the past someone would have just knocked his fucking teeth out at one point in his life and he would keep that in mind when being a cunt. Now, that's felony and you have a record forever. Before, that was a couple of weeks in jail, maybe a grand or two and the loss of a job. It was still serious but if someone was a big enough dick, you'd pay the toll or someone else would eventually. Shit got worked out.


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Great post. I laughed at this:

It's like worms competing with each other to see who can be the king worm.

I would also add "social media" to the problems you listed. Before this, you judged people on a one-to-one basis, you met someone, you talk with them and you formed an individual opinion. Nowadays, people met and they try to figure if you belong in their thousands-members group of same ideology they interact with on a daily basis. If you don't belong in that group the try to bully you. I guess it's what's called tribalism.

Also, "feminism", the destruction of the traditional family, and sodomization of the male by society has a lot to do with it. In past times, it was very easy to figure out what was your life about: get married young, be a good husband, have kids, provide for your family,... it made sense. Nowadays, women have careers, they don't care about having kids, they slut their way into their 30s, they don't need (heh) men anymore and laws are put in place to punish men for the smallest slight. We are not sure what is our place in the world anymore.

I don't know if I'm making sense.


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Thanks for the compliment. I don't think what we have now is tribalism, maybe you meant like Lurch tribalism or louse tribalism. Take the old maid that lived down the street when I was young: the angry, older, lonely single lady that hated the world and saw everything and everyone through that filter. Take that and multiply it by a few hundred million times. That's what we have now. In fact, I think maybe we have so many 'old maids' now it's not even a thing worth pointing out anymore. No one ever judged you on a one on one basis but much moreso than they do now. Reputation mattered. Family mattered. People still weren't as judgemental as they are now. They typically trusted the opinions of those they trusted, real friends, people they served with, people they grew up with, people they sweat and cried with. Now, people take the words of those they barely know or don't know at all seriously. One negative cunt at one place finds another negative cunt online at another place then spreads the shit seed, turning the world into a piss poor popularity contest. Back in the day, these people would be told to STFU and they'd move on. People had more sense than to listen to that shit. Now more people than not are like that. It's to the extent that most people can't even properly judge character anymore. You can't take a society where families, communities and nationalism is falling apart then say "this is tribalism" That's like saying cat shit is a great source of protein.

I agree with your points on feminism and 3rd wave feminism is the death nail for any society. I think 2nd wave feminism offered a good balance. I keep saying this but the destruction of the West began with the nuclear family. That is where we went wrong. Humans have never lived that way. It's our natural state to live in the extended family. We can do a lot with that, whether it's maternal or paternal. You take a group and separate that extended family for a nuclear family, a family unit designed for consumerism, if that falls apart it all goes. That extended family is your backup, your foundation and it helps keep your immediate family together.


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You definitely deserve to be at the top of this thread but you could sum it up with we need to make fight club a thing. Instead of pokemon go we choose cunts we battle in real life and sort things out with violence just as nature intended but then we go the extra step of being gentlemen and consider the matter settled afterwards. It's been proven to work in prisons so it's definitely going to work in real life not to mention ending the whole soyboy bullshit as every male that has a true belief will work out and be a man to have his voice forcibly heard by others.

We need fight club now!


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I know of one semi fight club (not bare fist) in CA

but I can't talk about it.


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Totally worth reading, thank you


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What a comment. It's funny because, even as I was young and growing up in the early 2000s, this was how I felt the world was when I had the presence of mind to reflect on things. Then in the late stages of that decade, the final shifts began into this maniac clown world we now live in. It's like, through my parents, through old media, and through the very early days of my life, I can remember that world as it was.'s like we're in some kind of joke post-apocalyptic world, but everybody forgot to die. Culturally post-apocalyptic, maybe.


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Yea that comment was all over the ether space. I don't understand how someone is a male but can't physically do much in the bedroom. I think a lot of them use drugs with sex because they have to. It just fucks you up. Even if you work in an office and at a computer all day, it's not good to be so fat you fall asleep everyday after lunch. Like people think this is NORMAL now because they don't remember a time when people didn't fall asleep after lunch. That's called a beetus coma. The only time I ever saw that happen was sometimes at Thanksgiving or Christmas and it was like 1 out of 10 people and they were older and they ate way too much.