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The 2nd protects the 1st.

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The 1st is our sword, the 2nd our shield.

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hell ya

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Does that make the 4th our codpiece or are you going to plead the 5th on that one?

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mind if take, no matter, take already

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Amen brother.

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doesn't switzerland not only have a right to bear arms, but a requirement to bear arms?

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It also has hate speech laws. I guess the prevailing ethic is to speak softly and carry large capacity weaponry.

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They are jewed up and as satanic as the DNC is


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well, i didn't know what i expected. time to disregard switzerland then

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Something like that from what I've heard. And I've also heard that the Czech Republic has pretty decent gun rights too.

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Ammo in Switzerland is heavily regulated as I understand it.

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I used to play with someone from Finland and the way she said, if i remeber right, is guns in Switz are common and military service is mandatory but you can only get rounds at shooting ranges and turn in what you dont use.

Pre-submit edit: Completely wrong. Its stringent as shit though

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You understand wrong


In order to purchase ammunition the buyer must follow the same legal rules that apply to buying guns.

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Compulsory military service isn't the same.

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That's not even remotely right. Most western democracies have free speech protected in their constitutions since the late 18th century.

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It's the only way to guarantee that gift that our ancestors fought for, all of our ancestors. There was a time when 'minorites' wanted the right to bear arms and free speech, before everyone started to act like a lil bitch and tried to start telling everyone else what to do. They've successfully turned a large portion of the population into not just mentally ill but mentally ill control freaks.

This agenda will literally destroy the West and it already is. They take our guns and we are at the mercy of MS-13 gangs, black gangs, meth heads and Sharia Law Muslims. The people wanting to take our guns are now openly wishing and applauding our deaths and demise. If that doesn't wake you up then you don't deserve any freedoms to begin with.

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NFi what that shit post is meant to mean.

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Both Canada and Switzerland have the right to bear arms, and they are allowed to discuss it.

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Good luck speaking freely in Canada.


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In both countries.