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You know, they are just going to respond logically to them. They aren't your borders, they are our borders - with our meaning the people and the State. Where the body does belong to the individual and not the State or other people.

Well, they might be logical. Maybe not...


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They don't exclusively own the country (even though they think they do). It opens up a debate that can easily be won, they will end up having a tyrannical little temper tantrum: "WAH WAH!! EVIL RACISTS! I AM THE DICTATOR OF THE COUNTRY, I ALONE DECIDE WHO COMES IN, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! WAH WAH!"


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"Where the body does belong to the individual and not the State or other people."

then why is the product of my labor/body going to the state in the form of taxes?


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Because that's the price you pay to live in civilization. That's a part of the collective, which seems to be a necessary evil except in fairy tales. Borders too are a part of the collective while autonomy over one's physical self is reasonably established as a protected entity in many regards.

Alas, you don't get to opt out of being a part of that collective - and for good reason. That same collective is required to clean up after any major mistakes you may make.

Like it or not, taxes are a necessary evil. There are exactly zero examples of a modern society functioning without it at any scale. I'm sure we can debate how they should be spent and how much should be taken, but they are a true necessity if we wish to have a functioning, modern society.

Mind you, I agree with borders and immigration control (though a libertarian principle would eradicate such), but this is an illogical argument to make. The two are not synonymous in concept or in law. In short, it's comparing apples and oranges, which is the totality of my point.


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