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The best way to find faults is to run your scenario as close to live as possible. He has learned an invaluable lesson.


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I mean clearly his shelter wouldn't have done much against nuclear bombs if it got broken into by a couple of his neighbors.


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Fallout shelters will not withstand a nuclear detonation, nor are they intended to. NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain complex does not claim the ability to withstand a direct hit. Fallout shelters are meant to protect the occupants from debris and radioactive contamination in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. It's the same logic behind the '50s "duck and cover" film reels. If one goes off right over your head, you will never know it happened. You'll be dead before your brain has time to process the information. However, if you live long enough to realize what's going on, you can increase your chances by getting someplace safe.

His shelter wouldn't have done shit if his house got nuked, but it may well keep his family safe from the debris and fallout if he can keep it from getting in. Clearly, his existing set up could not do that, but now he knows that and can take steps to improve his shelter with the knowledge gained by his grasshopper neighbors.


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Literally the plot of a Twilight Zone episode, "The Shelter": https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4y1ga9


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Another good episode from that genre was the outer limits. A guy has a dead man's switch to nuclear holocaust little does he know that you should watch the episode.


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This the one about aliens?


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Came to say this.


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BTW, Dimension X is a pretty great radio show.



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Needs a better door.


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Sounds like a shitty shelter. Do it over.


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Needs firearms, too.


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Anon, if your "bomb shelter" can't handle someone kicking it's door in then it's not a fucking bomb shelter.


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Don’t tell anyone if possible. Only those who are welcome should know.

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Lesson learned: Fire on anyone who demands entry.


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What would have happened if he did shoot people who tried to enter. People thought they were actually gonna die. No one knew it was a false alarm until about an hour later.


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As I have long told my prepper clients:

I don't need to prepare anything myself, I just need to know where all the preppers are

If you're serious about a bugout plan don't tell anyone but the people going with you and add a rule that anyone bringing a tag-a-long will be excluded on arrival.
You need to plan for the next 5 minutes, the next 5 hours, the next 5 days/months/years etc.

Figure who you trust at which level and only include them in your plan by telling them to meet you at a specific location at a specific time.
Making sure you location is not your bunker, but at least a 10 minute walk away - that you take 20 minutes to walk. In a circle to check for hidden followers.


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My plan used to be to meet up with any non-family at a near by forest preserve. From there travel a few miles down the pedestrian bike/jogging trails to a near by small way side on the preserve with an old water pump. Two reasons for using those trails, you cannot drive a vehicle onto these trails by design and the main strips go through woods in between marshes so they're not visible from any roads, houses, or buildings.

Most of this area is high grass/reeds with soft ground or full on marsh so it will be hard to ambush me and I could ditch some assholes and they wouldn't be able to come after me in vehicles. I'd have family pick me up near by to get out of dodge.

Important Note: I recently found out that pump no longer works from neglect or the rangers had to disable it. How many places like this across the country that have had active wells with free water for decades are being shut off without warning?


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Making sure you location is not your bunker, but at least a 10 minute walk away

Hard to do, given you're most likely to be at home or at work in the middle of a city when a 20 minute warning is issued.


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The plan goes, 5 mins, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks

The first 5 mins are basically duck and cover - meaning get as safe as you can with as many walls between you and the outside world possible.
Also, have a moderately thick plastic poncho and heavy boots stored near you/in your car you can sacrifice to the travel.
The reason is to let the poncho and boots capture/deflect any radioactive dust, and lets you remove them without contaminating any clean things. Use the poncho to cover your hands while you remove your boots and wrap it all up and put it in a garbage can or similar container where the dust can be contained.
A poncho and boots don't make you look like a retard as most people will think you have them for rain. Store them in your car boot or similar.
Don't touch the outer surface of the poncho, ever. Do everything by holding the "clean" inside layer.

The first 5 hours are; with the available options how do I get from where I am to the first meeting point where my family expect me to be.
Wait there for at least 2 hours, then move on to going to your bunker/mid term safety where you can be safe, eat and drink clean water for at least 5 days.

Your 5 day hole should have MRE's of at least 2,000 calories per person per day stored in a dry, cool place sealed away from air and light.
Make sure to have 4 gallons of water per person for the 5 days - don't trust water that wasn't sealed up before the nuke hit.
Make sure to have a better than basic medical first aid kit stored properly as well.

After 5 days, everyone who can make it will have met you at the prearranged place.
From there you move as a team to your 5 week location making sure to protect yourselves and to shake any stragglers and strays who might want to leach your mojo
Get rid of anyone who tries to join you that you didn't plan for, each ration, drop of water and aspirin is to keep you and yours alive, not every bumblefuck that gets a whiff of what you got.

From your 5 week camp/bunker/base you can evaluate if you need to go into deeper cover or if it's sensible to make use of what government services might be available.

Don't make any moves to your long term bunker before the planned time as some jackhole will bogart your setup and leave you out in the radioactive dust to die with your family.

With the plan listed above (or an approximation of) you can be sure to protect your resources, family and future options for safety if the government services prove to be not working in the long term

Most 5 week plans are affordable to set up with a bit of saving and planning, longer term plans take more money and an unhealthy level of paranoia to set up and there are plenty of people who can point you in the right direction of getting your own long term setup going.

Don't think you can be clever and have radios to coordinate. People will listen and hunt you down to take your stuff and worse.
Expect that no technology will work and that you can't communicate with anyone in your group.
Each plan and instruction should assume total information blackout for at least the first 48 hours.
Each person should know their part of the plan and make sure they can deal when things go up the creek.
If your fortunate enough to be in an area where firearms are legal, practice regularly and maintain regularly.
If it's not legal in your area, assume that everyone around you will have an illegal gun, but will also be too poorly trained to use them safely.

If you're prepared and you are outside the 20 mile kill zone, a 20 minute warning can be enough to give you a fighting chance of making it out alive in the long term.


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neighbors break down door to bomb shelter

There's embellishment and then there's reddit tier faggotry.

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