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I'm going to send this in to fox5 Atlanta, and ask if they feel that spiking customers food with hazardous human waste is acceptable.

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AJC as well


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lol the jews at Fox will not care one bit. The jewish medias protect their pet niggers at all costs


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Sure I'll keep everyone updated. I sent in an email informing them that this was coming from a concerned citizen related to somebody making posts on a Facebook group that I'm a part of. I explained that it was alarming that somebody was putting biological contaminants into children's food items, and that I wanted them to investigate the clearly dismissive culture that exists at a nationally renowned coffee shop that would allow them to believe that their vindictive actions were somehow justified. I can guarantee you that she isn't the only one in on this, just the one stupid enough to brag about it online. I know exactly where this location is. It's a very high income area, pretty liberal but also the kind of folks who won't want to have some nigger spoon feeding them her blood and sputum.


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And dogshit sprinkles on a little girls hot cocoa don't forget about that


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Send it to ALL the Atlanta stations.