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That way of thinking is and always will be, myopic. It's like cutting out all but some of a cancer. It will regrow and you will have the same problem again and again.


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Yep. Regression to the mean is important. Nicest black people I know, exemplars of the community, still give birth to "niggers". Good, decent black people exist, but the problem is not individuals. If half of all white children were retarded, I'd be racist against white people. Turns out it's just 15%, and they keep to themselves. It's not so in the black population. 50% of black people in the United states, and 80% of Africans, are not smart enough to enter the US army (IQ 86). They can't be trained to mop floors or fold underwear. The bleakness of this is staggering.

I don't know what to say to the good black folks out there, except that I hope the best for you. But to all the psychopaths, child abusers, criminals, and drug addicts, you can go fuck yourself, regardless of your race. Don't gaslight me because I see the pattern, and the science, and the statistical evidence, and the anecdotes, and the historical proof.

Every prominent black leader in the past 300 years has expressed dismay at the state of half the black community, from Chris Rock to W.E.B. DuBois. Were they racist, or were they right?


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"They can't be trained to mop floors or fold underwear."

At the gym I go to they provide towels. Which means employees are constantly folding towels. I noticed they hired a new guy, black. and the employee had to 1. show him how to fold a towel and 2. not to do it on the benches the guest use to change and put our shit on. A below average person would realize to stay out of the guest way as much as possible. Nope not this guy.


[–] McFluffy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I don't know what to say to the good black folks out there

i do. form your own ethic nationalist society and dont be afraid to purge your race's undesirables. if you are a smart black man try and marry a smart black woman and encourage other smart black people to do the same. in time hopefully your race can grow and only the strongest traits for today's world survives.

but also do this with out the help of white people. if you are black and to try and better your genes you marry a white you, your spouse, and any and all kids you have will be purged.

honestly the situation for the black race is bleak, they have been sabotaged by the jew so much thats its nearly hopeless yet living creatures will try to survive no matter what, i at least try and set them on the right path (so that their path doesn't involve us).


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I'm betting that's why soldiers started wiping out whole villages of
children and squaws back in the day. Got sick of the kids growing up
and starting shit over again and their own children having to do the
same fighting all over again.

With one brutal act they can put an end to it. Even though the commanders
would write breathless prose in their correspondences about how they
couldn't fathom such actions. Likely because they came from an urban
bubble safely cleared of raiding parties and savage behavior, and
whose families didn't live out in the frontiers having to deal
with the Indian's shit flaring up every ten years.