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I wouldn't think of this as a "desire," because its far more pathetic than's more like a "defeat." I don't think men come preloaded with the desire to let other men bang their wife while they watch. This type of peak degeneracy happens over time--in the same way your teeth would rot out of your mouth if you didn't clean them. However, instead of bacteria, the rotting agents here are: a deep infestation of sexual corruption due to prolonged exposure to pornography, shitlib open-mindedness and degeneracy, crippling insecurity, and a lack of traditional male characteristics-especially confidence.

It's no secret that some men are more masculine than others, and we're also programmed to want to please our women fully.... and when we can't, its a huge shot to our egos. Beta males that can't handle that pressure or are unable to divert it to self-improvement are the ones who are most susceptible to this. Pair that weakness with the hyperfilth I mentioned above, and now you have the recipe for a cuck.

These degenerates are among the most oven-worthy people in society, they should and will be purged when the time comes.