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[–] Glory_Beckons 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Two different types of abusive conditioning come together to instill this fetish in someone:

  1. Pornography

All forms of pornography revolve around showing you a woman you desire but cannot have. Most forms of pornography additionally show her being taken by someone else, and encourage you to revel in that. And as you do, you condition yourself to associate watching a woman you desire, being taken in front of your eyes, and enjoying that man that isn't you, with your own carnal pleasure and satisfaction.

Note this applies not only to porn in the classical sense, but also to advertisement, movies, shows, popular culture and the like. It isn't even limited to women. You are constantly being shown things you are to desire, but not to have, and are made to instead enjoy watching others have them for you.

  1. "Leftism"

I wish there was a better word for it, but I haven't encountered one. I think most here know what I mean though.

It's that mentality/ideology of:

  • Perpetual guilt for some original sin you were born into
  • Pride strictly forbidden, feeling it is like committing that sin again
  • Strength is offensive; Weakness is a virtue
  • Health is cause for shame; Invalidity is a point of pride
  • Power is inherently evil; Victimhood is synonymous with sainthood
  • Order is decay; Chaos is life

The Doctrine of Degeneracy, if you will.

I'm sure you recognize most of those points from another Semitic import.

Traditional Christianity was, of course, far better than modern leftism. That's mostly because it was far closer to traditional European cultures and values. It once celebrated Pride, and Strength, and Health, and Power, and Order. But, one by one, those values were subverted. And so it began to decay from within, and spread this rot throughout our people. Order was the last to fall. Until recently, Christianity still upheld Tradition. Still maintained our way of life, or what was left of it. Not anymore.

In any case, the result of being indoctrinated into "leftism" is that you can no longer derive pleasure from displaying or pursuing Pride, or Strength, or Health, or Power, or Order for yourself. Seeking those things for yourself has been associated with shame and guilt, sometimes to the point of being viscerally painful. Conversely, being weak, inadequate, and victimized is associated with, ironically, pride and satisfaction. Especially if your misfortune benefits those you, ironically, consider less fortunate. And so, this is all you are left with:

Your only reprieve from the pain of guilt; your only path to some semblance of happiness: Self-destruction.


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I like your first point but think I mostly reject it. I like it because its something I have not heard or considered before. But I doubt watching a non porno movie would make me desire seeing another man have a woman that I wanted. Would this also apply to material goods as well?

I keep thinking it has to be rooted in something like failure, misery, or self hate. And some amount of anger or hatred of women.


[–] Glory_Beckons 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Porn conditions for this in the most direct and obvious way. But, yes, it happens in non-porn media as well. This sort of thing happens in practically every show, repeatedly:

They parade a desirable woman in front of you. Give her a backstory and character that makes you like her. Then pair her off with some handsome guy. Not right away though. Draw it out for a while. Tease you with it. String youhim along. Make you root for him. Oh, and what elation and relief you feel, when he finally gets her.

At the very least, this desensitizes you to the notion. Over time, it builds a mental foundation for "how to enjoy seeing the woman I desire with another man". That doesn't necessarily mean you feel a need or an impulse to go out and cuck right this second. But the framework for it is already there, ready to kick in if something else pushes you into that kind of scenario.

And yes, this principle also works for material goods. But then we're not talking about literal cuckoldry anymore, but "material cuckoldry". Think of how many hours people spend watching others live their lives instead of living their own. In movies, shows, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The most popular YouTube channels revolve around others playing games you want to be playing, opening boxes you want to be opening, driving cars you want to be driving, doing things you want to be doing, but can't do... at least not as well as them. Not to mention the millions getting fat on their couch watching others doing sports, achieving things, becoming famous.

All this numbs your own ambitions, cripples your desire to compete, and stifles your natural urge to take what you want and make it yours. It makes you content. To be docile. To watch others do the things you once wanted to do.

Living vicariously, this is called.

Cuckoldry is loving vicariously.

You're quite right, in the end it is about failure, misery and self-hate. The cuck feels inadequate to please "his" women and, rather than wallowing in inadequacy, seeks to enjoy pleasing her through another (and accumulate virtue points for his suffering). That's the "something else" that pushes them towards it. My point about leftism is about where that self-hate that drives this comes from to begin with.