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[–] Warhymn 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago 

What is the root of this desire? I mean really not joking? Is it for people that have low self esteem and actually enjoy being degraded? And or they don't actually like their wife and enjoy watching her being degraded? To me it seems its similar to the guys who want to watch violent porn or gangbangs. They hate women and enjoy seeing them put in situations were they are robbed of dignity and self worth. You get a better idea of this from what is said more than what is done in those situations.


[–] JohnGoodman 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago 

I think it is genuninely for beta males who can't please their women, but will do anything for them to not leave them


[–] Glory_Beckons 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Two different types of abusive conditioning come together to instill this fetish in someone:

  1. Pornography

All forms of pornography revolve around showing you a woman you desire but cannot have. Most forms of pornography additionally show her being taken by someone else, and encourage you to revel in that. And as you do, you condition yourself to associate watching a woman you desire, being taken in front of your eyes, and enjoying that man that isn't you, with your own carnal pleasure and satisfaction.

Note this applies not only to porn in the classical sense, but also to advertisement, movies, shows, popular culture and the like. It isn't even limited to women. You are constantly being shown things you are to desire, but not to have, and are made to instead enjoy watching others have them for you.

  1. "Leftism"

I wish there was a better word for it, but I haven't encountered one. I think most here know what I mean though.

It's that mentality/ideology of:

  • Perpetual guilt for some original sin you were born into
  • Pride strictly forbidden, feeling it is like committing that sin again
  • Strength is offensive; Weakness is a virtue
  • Health is cause for shame; Invalidity is a point of pride
  • Power is inherently evil; Victimhood is synonymous with sainthood
  • Order is decay; Chaos is life

The Doctrine of Degeneracy, if you will.

I'm sure you recognize most of those points from another Semitic import.

Traditional Christianity was, of course, far better than modern leftism. That's mostly because it was far closer to traditional European cultures and values. It once celebrated Pride, and Strength, and Health, and Power, and Order. But, one by one, those values were subverted. And so it began to decay from within, and spread this rot throughout our people. Order was the last to fall. Until recently, Christianity still upheld Tradition. Still maintained our way of life, or what was left of it. Not anymore.

In any case, the result of being indoctrinated into "leftism" is that you can no longer derive pleasure from displaying or pursuing Pride, or Strength, or Health, or Power, or Order for yourself. Seeking those things for yourself has been associated with shame and guilt, sometimes to the point of being viscerally painful. Conversely, being weak, inadequate, and victimized is associated with, ironically, pride and satisfaction. Especially if your misfortune benefits those you, ironically, consider less fortunate. And so, this is all you are left with:

Your only reprieve from the pain of guilt; your only path to some semblance of happiness: Self-destruction.


[–] Warhymn 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I like your first point but think I mostly reject it. I like it because its something I have not heard or considered before. But I doubt watching a non porno movie would make me desire seeing another man have a woman that I wanted. Would this also apply to material goods as well?

I keep thinking it has to be rooted in something like failure, misery, or self hate. And some amount of anger or hatred of women.


[–] 10470078? 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I think it happens when you watch movies, tv shows or pornography where there are strong women and weak men. When you keep watching like that contents often it brainwashes you to think that you are supposed to be submissive to women not be equal. This is why men who are into like that fetishes are normal with other men, but so submissive with women. They are the same men who defend women so much, yet ignore helpless poor men. So if you have a boy show him tv shows, movies on which there are strong male protagonists. Strong doesn't mean abusive, it means individuals who don't bend over to anyone, who have high respect for themselves, who are respected like in this Witcher 3.


[–] UncleHorseEmbalmer 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I wouldn't think of this as a "desire," because its far more pathetic than's more like a "defeat." I don't think men come preloaded with the desire to let other men bang their wife while they watch. This type of peak degeneracy happens over time--in the same way your teeth would rot out of your mouth if you didn't clean them. However, instead of bacteria, the rotting agents here are: a deep infestation of sexual corruption due to prolonged exposure to pornography, shitlib open-mindedness and degeneracy, crippling insecurity, and a lack of traditional male characteristics-especially confidence.

It's no secret that some men are more masculine than others, and we're also programmed to want to please our women fully.... and when we can't, its a huge shot to our egos. Beta males that can't handle that pressure or are unable to divert it to self-improvement are the ones who are most susceptible to this. Pair that weakness with the hyperfilth I mentioned above, and now you have the recipe for a cuck.

These degenerates are among the most oven-worthy people in society, they should and will be purged when the time comes.