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another shill army to harass me, because i speak up against the shills

YES, @PUTTITOUT NOW MANUALLY MANIPULATES USERS' CCP AND BANS ANYONE UPVOATING SANEGOATISWEAR. IF YOU UPVOTE SOMEONE, YOU MAY BE BANNED. THIS IS HOW VOAT IS RUN NOW: BY PRO-CENSORSHIP SHILLS LIKE @PUTTITOUT. NOT ONLY DID @PUTTITOUT ADMIT TO SHADOWBANNING USERS WITH NO RULES BEHIND THE BANS, THE SHILL CEO HAS ADMITTED TO MANIPULATING USERS' CCP MANUALLY. IT'S POSSIBLE ANY OF THE SRS CABAL WITH API ACCESS CAN NOW MANIPULATE OTHER USERS' CCP. expertshitposter made a nice graph. and 2 posts on the front page today bitching i had been upvoated, one by shitposter, one by another user, show my ccp going from 1800s to 3200s in a couple days. points now - points before the magic jump. (at the bottom) - puttitout threatening, making claims without evidence ( i didn't upvoat myself ffs.) - puttitout threatening ban again, for having done nothing.

basically, in an admin-level attempt to silence me, they have manually manipulated my CCP, and banned any user that upvoats me in an organized fashion, but completely allow the users that put 18,000 downvotes into my account to continue using voat, harassing users, attacking them, silencing them. those abusers of voat are protected by the now 100% confirmed shill @puttitout

oh and p.s. @puttitout LIED TO YOU proof below!

@puttitout lies to the userbase. claims they don't remove points, yet was just proven to have removed over a thousand ccp from my account, and admitted it lies right to your faces. - @puttitout lies to the userbase again. a month later, more bans, and no clarification. 100% lied to your face.


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Man, give it a break. It exhausts me just thinking about how much time and effort you put into your spam posts.