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The church is filled with new age adherents that believe they are responsible for blending the white out of existence. They're genociders. The UN is their buddy in this insanity and yes we know who spoon fed them this sick ideology.

Every follower and obeyer of the jewish attack against whites is a stark raving mad fuckwit.

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While there is certainly a Judeo-Christian influence in the doctrine of Gnosticism, there is certainly no evidence that all Jews are "genociders." Hell, there are plenty of Jews who are straight ticket voting Republican conservatives.

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I don;t care how they vote in their country. 71% of those dual citizens vote democrat. And what do you think the chances are the paltry few coting republican have been supporting rinos.

"Give us your huddled masses" was a jewish add on. It should have said "Give them your huddles masses, take full advantage of their generous temperament until they're fed up with the abuse".