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The cunt from Steven universe took over the show. It's a show about lesbian tranny space rocks and the main kid is also his dad's GF.

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People allow their kids to watch TV? Are they nuts? Don't they know the whole thing is used as a tool for brainwashing?

Guess they don't care about their kids...

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Kyles mom is a big fat bitch

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She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world?

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Huh, didn't they fire a guy over publically suggesting it was canon.

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Last time it was news abut a "Transgender princess in Star vs The Forces of Evil" and the episode the claim was referring to was about the male protagonist dressing up as a princess to obscure his identity to avoid capture, and had nothing to do with transgenderism. Forgive me if I'm skeptical until I actually watch the episode in question.

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They do kiss, but it seems like everyone who's been watching the show saw it coming from a mile away. Adventure Time is a very "lefty" cartoon, like Steven Universe.

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There's a few lefty cringe moments, I'll admit.