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lots and lots more - Tavistock, Laurel Canyon & Social Engineering: Jay Dyer Full Video Lecture


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Interesting video. It is interesting how the Gnostics and Masons keep coming up with regard to Satanic Ritual Abuse and mind control. It is also interesting, and a little scary, how such reasonable people can make a video and discuss these topics without being killed or significantly threatened. It makes me wonder if the tide has turned. Either in the way that these Satanic groups have gotten so large and powerful that they no longer feel threatened by individuals, or that they are on the ropes.

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what I like the most was clarification on this FBI man, Gunderson who is so talked about....

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I missed the part about Gunderson. I'll look for it. Did you see the part where he talked about the Church of Living Water? That's a Foursquare Church, which is a sect related to the Pentecostals. It's a Gnostic front Satanist cult.

Edit: Ah, I found Gunderson's name being mentioned. I tend to skip around (I get bored easily). Yeah, I think there's a lot of these false champions out there. Heck, go down the list of pizzagate mods. You could consider all of them to be that at this point. It is interesting to me that they brought up the fact that it was mainly these organizations that have come to be referred to as "evangelical christians" that were whipping up the SRA frenzy in the late '80s/early '90s. There is nothing Christian about these churches. They are, as I mentioned earlier, Gnostic cults masquerading as churches. If you look at their history and the history of what they practice it is straight out of Gnostic ceremonies and rituals. It was the abusers exposing the abusers and discrediting what was going on in plain sight.

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at the end it looked like they admitted they stay away from discussing certain dangerous things for their own safety ...