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china hates all religion muslims included

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No, not all religion. They want you to worship the state.

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Thats what confusionisim is. He was an imperial bureaucrat philosopher. State religion.

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They have enough of our money and jobs to do whatever they want now. The US needs to cut ties with this dictatorial one party state and bring jobs back now. We'll be stronger for it. Much stronger.

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Its their fucking country they may do as they please.

when we burn synagogues im not gunna give a fuck what china thinks about it.

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I wish they would purge all Jew based religions from the United States. Christianity hasn't done us much favors. Bleeding heart Jew religion that convinced us to save all the starving people in Africa. Yeah, that turned out well. Right now some Christian churches in America are being used to help move all the illegal immigrants and niggers around. That's why you see more niggers and beaners in your cities all of a sudden.

We need to focus on actual statistics and common sense, not make decisions based on a book hyper edited by Jews since it's inception.