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The most brutal Wahhabists and ISIS people are in Nigeria. Everyone knows the most radical sector of Al-Qaida is in Northern Africa. France had to go into Mali not too long ago to keep Islamic extremists out. The ones in ISIS are crazy. They genocide like crazy, they believe the earth is flat, and they abduct and harass women at any chance they get.

There is really no thing as an important or strategic economy in Africa(outside of what used to be of South Africa), but Nigeria has the first highest GDP in Africa before Egypt at number 2 and they have a few billionaires but are not going to make any real economic leaps because they have a piss poor consumerist economy and a weak middle-sector. There is huge wealth disparity, but some of the corporations and oil industry in Nigeria would make it worth it to at least send Air Support to crush ISIS in Northeastern Nigeria. It would be a true act of humanitarian aid for Africa, but then again its like backing a pretty shitty economy.

Its funny because one of the Popes big Cardinals, Cardinal Serra is Nigerian and the Church is trying to reach out to Africa with a socially conservative message. I guess so much for caring about keeping Islam out. Then again I think hardcore social conservatism and the recent pedophile tells me there is something crypto-Islamic about Catholicism now.

Francis message is so generic and unscientific. Plastic does harm the ecosystem a bit, but in the grand scheme of things and when the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics are taken into consideration everything in nature returns to a kind of "equilibrium" or is entropic to ensure no one material fully infects and concentrates itself in the water system.

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He's not even a Christian. All he cares about is his libtard causes, which have more to do with subjugating the masses than doing anything for the earth or anything living on it. It's really sad that Nigeria is in such a state. Most people I know from Nigeria are super smart and have good families. It must be the next nation on the Muslim hit list now that they've destroyed Somalia.

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That is a sure thing about Pope Francis, but also Catholic theology allows for his BS too. Also, he has found a way to make the Petrine line of succession more integrated with the Pauline-kind of approach(typical left-wing liberal theology Jesuit mentality) and this has been important for his interpretation and specific emphasis on Catholic Theology, which allows for this radical shift. Protestants were not even this bad.

They embraced Pauline-like thinking to conform with their own specific social, economic, and cultural traditions and kept it as ethereal and saw it more as a guiding rule then as an all encompassing system of unified law, which is essentially how Francis is trying to play it. He's a Jesuit, which is as attached to a kind Jewry-like system of thought as you can get in Christianity. Not even the Gospel of Wealth movement can compare with it.

I would be for backing America crushing ISIS in Nigeria. Yeah, I have met some Nigerians. They were nice and pretty smart. Well, the destruction of Somalia was facilitated by good old Billie the Kid Clinton.

Somalia has also had its own internal issues and its various issues with surrounding foreign countries, but it never was egregious. We have sort of blown it up and that is how the Somali Pirates became so powerful. Its yet another American backed issue. There is just something insanely wrong with this country.

I think the Muslims want to try to get into Cameroon and if they can't spin into the chaos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and of course places like Burkina Faso/Togo. Gambia has a pretty brutal Islamic leader right now, who basically rules the whole country by sharia law.

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If you want to go and spread your bullshit religion over in Nigeria, you take your fucking chances. No empathy from me. I'm glad they got murdered, let this be a cautionary tale for any other religious zealots who think their shit don't stink.

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Ok, that pope is totally batshit insane just throw it to the niggers