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New Details On Nintendo's Summer 3DS Releases Hey! Pikmin And Miitopia - GameSpot

"Rather than taking the Pikmin you've amassed with you into subsequent levels, the plant-like minions are deposited in Pikmin Park after each stage."

'Pikmin gave us our first glimpse at a new home base area in the game dubbed Pikmin Park. '

'You can also expedite the process by using the new Pikmin Amiibo that releases alongside the title. '

'Pikmin along with the Mii-based RPG Miitopia, providing us with some new information about the upcoming 3DS titles. '

'The amount of time it takes to clear an area of Pikmin Park depends on the amount of Pikmin you have stored there, so the more you assemble, the faster they can complete their tasks. '

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