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We can only hope.

It concerns me that after the launch of the Switch, Nintendo now regards the 3DS as a "budget" system now that caters to people of all ages on a budget and as a relatively inexpensive system for "younger players".

This makes me think the kinds of games that will come out the next 2 years will be kiddie crap and not something more middle-ground or even adult.

Furthermore, Nintendo is allowing "portable-only" games to be released for the Switch, which will cannibalize 3DS gaming.

Nintendo has already reached out to developers of retro-looking games (Shovel Knight, Blaster Master Zero) to bring their pixel art games to the Switch, cribbing more from the 3DS.

At least this time Nintendo didn't put in a 3DS card slot into the Switch like they did with adding a GBA slot to the NDS.

Still, once Pokemon comes out on the Switch, that'll be the death stroke for the 3DS. The main Pokemon games are always portable. Once a pair of Pokemon games are released for the Switch, the playerbase moves there, and the 3DS is DOA.



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When you look at the battery life on the switch, it's not really designed to leave the house. Just go from the living room to the washroom and back. But I agree, once they make a full Pokemon Game on the switch, the 3ds will be done. So long as it isn't Pokemon snap or battle arena. Then we're fine.