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I have spent 9 months building, rebuilding, and redesigning, this Kossel-style 3D printer I bought from China, and I have learned one hell of a lot about 3D printing in the process. Far more than I'd ever know if I bought a cartesian, or overall better, more refined, printer out of the box. It is a good learning experience.

The blue LCD case is fucked up, because I printed it in the wrong dimensions. It works for now, but I need to do some tinkering before I can try pulling it off again.

Overall, the prints are marvelous, and they damn well should be, considering the kind of money I dumped into upgrades. Really, all it needs is some tuning, and some more printable upgrades/enhancements to print just about the best possible result you can get out of a 2020-frame Delta. I'd like to get a glass/mylar-lined wood chamber to put it in, but that will be after I switch to pulley carriages, and increase the Z-height to either 1.2m or 1.5m.

RADDS is pretty incredible hardware when you compare it to RAMPS and the other 8-bit starter Arduino boards. It especially does wonders for Delta Kinematics, which are generally less precise on lower-spec controller boards, as using a delta is more art than science, by a wide margin, and having the closest number to the actual point in space that the effector is in, makes all the difference in the world. I have actively cooled my RADDS, and installed it inside that blue and white enclosure, so as to avoid the overheating some people get by keeping their electronics under the hotbed.

Connected to the RADDS is a Duet3d Smart Effector, which uses the nozzle itself as the Z-Probe, giving you the absolute most accurate probing result currently possible. Also, the RADDS, instead of being controlled by my PC via USB, is being interacted with through a 7" touch screen display called PanelDue, which is also compatible with the very similar Duet all-in-one controller board series.

Power is being fed through an ATX power supply, into a benchtop breakout board, mounted inside a 3-gang wall switch terminal, that provides a span of power sources ranging from 3.3V, to 12V. I will eventually make the leap to 24V, but that will happen after I buy some nice, high quality, 0.9 deg stepper motors, for even further positional accuracy.

My current stepper motors are 1.8 degree Nema 17s. Pretty standard shit, but they do have TL-Smoothers in-line, which do much more for Deltas than they do cartesians. Print quality is drastically improved. Also in place are some stepper motor dampers, which reduce the printer's loud whining and grinding, to a nice, barely audible, hum.


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3d print me an anime waifu i will sedn bitcoin


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If you're serious and can source the model, I'd be happy to give it a shot.