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Make sure you have everything on hand that you're going to need before you get your printer. It sucks to finally get it and have to wait for something else to arrive before you can print. So get some blue tape for PLA; acetone for ABS, or hairspray, glue stick, or whatever you choose.

I've had a lot of success with PLA on this blue tape: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DVCZE28 It sticks so well, you don't have to heat the bed. In fact, it sticks less when the bed is hot, so I turn it on at the end of a print if I'm having trouble removing it. I also put ABS juice on it when I'm printing ABS, which makes it easy to remove.

Here's a useful guide for calibration: reprap.org/wiki/Triffid_Hunter's_Calibration_Guide It's possible your printer will be well calibrated when you get it (mine was), but it's still good to know all this stuff in case prints aren't coming out well.

Here's a couple of sites where I've found designs to print:



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Thanks I'll be sure to get that stuff, and thingiverse is great I just keep looking around at all the cool designs people have made.